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1.3.1 Social Protection (ASPIRE)

Coverage of social protection and labor programs (SPL) shows the percentage of population participating in social insurance, social safety net, and unemployment benefits and active labor market programs. Estimates include both direct and indirect beneficiaries (UN SDGs).

1.4.1 Access to Sanitation

Improved sanitation includes flush or pour flush to piped sewer system, septic tank, and pit latrine; ventilated improved pit latrine; pit latrine with slab; and composting toilet. Only facilities which are not shared or are not public are considered improved (UN SDGs).

2.1.1 Prevalence of Undernourishment

The Prevalence of Undernourishment expresses the probability that a randomly selected individual from the population consumes an amount of calories that is insufficient to cover her/his requirement for an active and healthy life (UN SDGs).

2.1.2 Food Insecurity

Food Insecurity measures the percentage of individuals in the population who have experienced food insecurity at moderate or severe levels during the reference period (UN SDGs).

Access to Services

Access to Services includes percentage of women who completed primary education, percentage of women who completed secondary education, and percentage of women who did not complete any education level.


Climate includes change in annual temperature by 2050, temperature annual average by 2050, and change in precipitation by 2050.